We love to skate!!


Our missionchannel6

To promote the joy of skating and provide women with the opportunity to learn skating skills in a fun, social atmosphere. Our professional instructor conducts group lessons each week.

  • 2 skating sessions
    • Level 1 to learn or work on basic skills
    • Level 2 for advanced skills and new techniques
  • Freestyle
  • Team skating

Participate as much or as little as you like. No one is ever pressured to join in the lessons. Some of us take on the challenge of trying new moves; some of us come just to skate with friends. And all of us enjoy the snack table!

Click here to view our brochure Ladies Silver Blades Brochure


Regular weekly session run Thursdays, September through May.
Join us for $78 per year, or $39 a half year, plus $5 for ice time each session you attend. For ice time fees, a punch card with reduced rates is available through Suburban Ice Arena. Skate rental is an additional fee.


Annual dues cover:

  • instruction during each session
  • ice show participation
  • post-show party
  • optional testing in basic skills and freestyle

Each member is asked to provide snacks for two sessions per year.


4 thoughts on “We love to skate!!

  1. I’m 72 years old and as stiff as a board not to mention not as balanced as I once was. I took a beginning skating class in college and have only skated once or twice a year since but have always enjoyed being on the ice. I’m wondering if I would be totally out of my league with your group or would I find other women at my nonexistent skill level who are there for the enjoyment of just being on the ice. Don’t be afraid to be honest with your reply 🙂 Thanks,

    Carol Richard


    • Carol,

      I encourage you to give it a try! We have skaters of all ability levels, including beginners, and we all just skate for fun. (And the food…there’s always food.) Our instructor takes some time each session to work with the very beginners, the more advanced beginners, and some intermediates. If you can skate forward, you can also participate in our team formations. It’s fair to say we’re built for comfort, not for speed!



    • Hi Kathy. No; there’s no sign-up; just show up! (You need to pay the rink for the session, but not our club.) We usually have a guest book out near the food table; if you sign in there, we’ll know you’re there (for safety purposes) and can give you a brochure.


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