Welcome – The 2019-2020 news

Welcome to our 2019-2020 season. Read on for a few reminders.
Skating Ice time for LSB Members is every Thursday morning from 9:30 AM-11:20 AM Sept. 5, 2019 through June 11, 2020 unless Suburban Ice notifies us of a cancellation.  Dues are due by the end of September. Please see Nancy Lee.

There will be no LSB Skate on October 3, 2019 or Nov. 28, 2019 (Thanksgiving).

Ice fee is $5 per session or $40 punch card for 10 skates.

Board Meetings are scheduled in the Coaches Room at the MAC Dining area at 12 PM the 3rd Thurs.day of each month.

Deb begins lessons at 9:50 a.m.

Please check your calendars and sign up to bring snacks to a meeting.

Denny Skate Sharpening schedule: www.sk8doctor.com

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